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I am pleased to announce that Sarah Wightman (who you may know from C&C or The Flying Runner) has offered to take on the role of GCAN chair for the coming year. My term as chairman has now ended, and Sarah will be ‘acting chair’ until she can be formally appointed in the appropriate way (details to follow). Neil Costello and myself will both be staying on the committee to support Sarah in her new role and provide some continuity to the network.

Carolynn Anderson (Newmarket Joggers) has now finished her long stint as a member of the executive committee, most of which was spent as treasurer. On behalf of the executive committee and the member clubs I’d like to express our sincere thanks to Carolynn for her contribution over the years.

I’d also like to thank the clubs and other organisations that make up GCAN, for the support they’ve given since 2010. Without you there couldn’t be a network, so I do hope that we can count on your continued support in the future. I’m proud of what GCAN has achieved over the last 7 years, and I look forward to seeing many more great achievements in the coming years.

Kind regards

Liz Yelling Talk

If you were unable to make it to Liz Yelling’s talk back in April, here’s the next best thing. Sarah Wightman (from event sponsors The Flying Runner) took notes on your behalf and has turned them into a great article which is now published on their website. She managed to capture every detail of the talk and it is well worth a read for both coaches and runners.

Physiological Assessment

Athletes in the GCAN area can now obtain a comprehensive physiological assessment right on their doorstep thanks to Anglia Ruskin University. Dr Dan Gordon and his team in the Human Energetics and Performance Centre offer a profile which includes VO2max, lactate responses/heart rate, and running economy. The profile takes around 90min to complete and costs £100. Additional tests including body composition, lung function and lower limb flexibility are also available.

GCAN chairman Trevor Bunch recently undertook the assessment at the start of his preparations for the Cambridge Half Marathon. Trevor says “The test results were more revealing than I ever imagined, and turned many of my assumptions on their head. I received a very detailed report within days, giving me my ideal training paces for key runs such as easy, steady, tempo and interval. The testing itself was much more enjoyable than I expected, and I look forward to going back in a couple of months to see what effect my training has had”.

For further information please contact Dr Dan Gordon at Anglia Ruskin University.

Dr Dan Gordon
Human Energetics and Performance Centre
Anglia Ruskin University
East Road
Tel: 0845 1962774
E-mail: dan.gordon@anglia.ac.uk

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